Bronze Age Beads Unearthed in England's Dartmoor National Park

The amber beads have been discovered inside a burial chest

Archaeologists exploring England's Dartmoor National Park have recently come across a 4,000-year-old burial chest to which they now refer to as “one of the most significant historical finds in a century.”

As they explain, the inside of this burial chest contained bones, teeth, textiles and jewelry. Of these items, what sparked the archaeologists' interest first and foremost were some beads dating back to the Bronze Age.

Apparently, these beads are worth their weight in gold, and got to England from some place in the Baltic region, sources report.

Commenting on these finds, lead archaeologist Jane Marchand made a case of how, “This is an incredible find. We had no idea we could end up with something as astounding as human remains.”

“The amber beads probably came from the Baltic – and meant they were long-distance trading 4,000 years ago. These artefacts show Dartmoor wasn’t the isolated, hard-to-reach place we thought it was. This mystery is unfolding. To be a part of it has been truly amazing,” she went on to add.

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