Britons Frustrated with the Lack of a Surface Pro

Microsoft is yet to announce Surface Pro launch plans for Europe

Microsoft will soon introduce the new Surface with Windows 8 Pro, but the company will initially sell the device in the United States and Canada exclusively.

The software giant has already confirmed that new markets will be announced at a later date, but aside from this minor detail, everyone at Microsoft remains completely tight-lipped on a potential launch on the Old Continent.

Users and retailers in the United Kingdom are very frustrated with this whole secrecy, especially because Microsoft initially suggested that it would launch the device in the country.

“We’ve received no further marketing materials, pricing or anything, which is strange considering how much they were pushing it to us at the start of the year,” a local distributor told ITPro.

“We’re getting a lot of questions about it from customers but we are having to tell them the same thing we were a couple of months ago, and it’s getting to a point where customers are getting tired of asking and us telling them we don’t know anything,” another one added explaining that customers were very likely to turn to some other tablets running Windows 8.

Microsoft expects to start selling the device in other markets besides Canada and the United States in the upcoming months, with the same countries where the Surface RT is currently available very likely to get the Pro too.

The Surface RT is currently on sale in the United Kingdom, not only via the official Microsoft website, but also at John Lewis.

The device is offered in the same three versions as all over the world, with pricing starting at 399 British pounds ($627 / €460) for the 32 GB version that doesn’t come with a Touch Cover. The top-of-the-range Surface RT, the one that features 64 GB of storage space and a black Touch Cover included in the package, has a price tag of 559 pounds ($941 / €691).

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