Britney Spears Won’t Return to X Factor for Another Season

Report says Simon Cowell is disappointed in the ratings for season 2

When Britney Spears signed on as judge of X Factor USA, season 2, she did so with lots of fanfare and, of course, plenty of speculation on how her presence there would send ratings through the roof. That didn’t happen so Cowell is now thinking of cutting his losses.

Unconfirmed reports are saying that Mr. Nasty has already made up his mind not to have Britney as judge for another season of the show, because she’s simply not worth that kind of money.

“Simon had hoped Britney would be a ratings boost but that simply hasn't happened. It's no coincidence she is not in talks about a new deal. She just doesn't seem to be cut out for a TV talent show,” an insider says.

Add to that the criticism Britney got during auditions and the live shows, and countless reports that she was never really comfortable in her new job, and it all might add to her not returning for another season.

Then again, Cowell knows better than anyone else that this kind of stories only raise the profile of the star they’re on – and he’s also likely to encourage the rumors by not taking a stand right at the moment.

So, while we’re speculating, let me know: would you tune in for another season of X Factor with Britney, or would you rather Simon brought someone else in her stead?

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