Britney Spears Split Rumors: Jason Trawick Will Dump Her, She Doesn’t Know

Report says fiancé wants out, has already informed the family but not Britney

Britney Spears is about to have her heart broken, according to new reports. Fiancé Jason Trawick has decided he wants out of the relationship and has already informed the family about his decision to split.

However, he is yet to say a single word to Britney herself, HollyScoop reports citing sources close to the couple.

According to the e-zine, Trawick is over Britney and sees no point to staying in the relationship. Having made up his mind and informed the singer’s family, he’s just waiting for X Factor to be over to break the news to her.

“Jason has told Britney’s entire family that he’s planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news,” an insider says for HollyScoop.

“Jason is reportedly waiting for The X Factor to be over, because he and her whole family think Britney will take the news real hard, and would rather not have her deal with it while she’s trying to film the show,” the report notes.

Admittedly, Jason already has everything planned out even post-breakup, thinking he could somehow convince Britney to keep him as her manager.

As fans must know, Jason is also co-conservator with Britney’s father, so that too would be an issue he’d bring up in case of a breakup.

“But here’s the weirdest part, Jason reportedly wants to remain her manager after the break-up. So basically their relationship will become strictly business. Pretty sure Britney won’t want him on payroll after he dumps her, but he has been great for her career, so who knows,” HollyScoop speculates.

Last month, word got out that Britney and Jason had postponed their December wedding because they were having issues, with friends worrying they might never get to walk down the aisle after all.

In other words, breakup rumors where the pop star is concerned are not exactly new.

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