Britney Spears Quits X Factor US

Star won’t be back for another season because she’s working on new music

Following countless reports that Simon Cowell was not happy with how she fared on her first season on X Factor US (and the show’s second), word is now out that Britney Spears has quit the position.

This is still awaiting confirmation but, considering that it comes from TMZ and that, as they say, there’s never smoke without a fire, it’s perhaps best to keep in mind.

According to sources, the Pop Princess loved the experience and would love to do more similar work but, at the same time, she’s also dying to get back to doing what she does best.

“We have unimpeachable sources who tell us Britney loves the show but wants to focus on her music... which she is doing right now. Britney is in the studio recording her 8th album, with some help from and producer Hit-Boy,” TMZ writes.

So, even if Simon is willing to throw millions at her, Britney has already made up her mind and there’s no going back.

“Britney loves Simon, she likes Demi Lovato but her thing is music,” an insider says for the e-zine.

Will you miss Britney on the show or is it just as well that she left?

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