Britney Spears' Puppy Injures Its Leg

Vets had to fit the puppy's injured paw with a bandage

This February 18, Britney Spears had to take her puppy to the vet. By the looks of it, the pooch had suffered an injury to one of its legs, hence the vets' decision to fit its paw with a bandage.

When heading towards the pet hospital, Britney held the pooch all wrapped up in a blanket, most likely because she wished to shield it from any curious gazes.

As one can easily notice from the picture above, the puppy's choice of color for its bandage was bright pink. Despite its receiving treatment, it looks a bit sad and quite in pain.

Sources report that Britney took her injured dog to a pet hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, and that her two kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, accompanied her for the ride.

Hopefully, the pooch will soon start feeling better.

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