Britney Spears Now Dating Regular Guy Named David

The two were first spotted together on Valentine’s Day

Britney Spears and fiancé Jason Trawick announced that they had broken up in a statement released in mid-January this year. According to various reports online, she may have already moved on from the failed romance.

On Valentine’s Day, the pop star was photographed heading out for dinner with a so-called mystery man.

The two showed no signs that they were more than friends in front of the photographers but, since it was V Day, the conclusion was that they were definitely on a date.

Assuming they’re dating, TMZ went and did some digging around to see if they could ID the guy. Apparently, he’s a regular guy named David, who’s not rich and who doesn’t even move in the same circles as Britney.

“We now know the identity of the mystery man who took Britney Spears out for a Valentine's Day dinner and played golf with her over the weekend. He is... a very normal guy,” TMZ writes.

“His name is David. He works for a law firm – he's not a lawyer – does ‘field research,’ kind of a jack-of-all-trades. He's definitely not a wealthy guy. David – who is 27 – is from Atlanta and does not seem to have significant roots in California,” the same media outlet reports.

He met Britney through some mutual friends.

On Valentine’s Day, he took the pop star out for sushi, with the dinner lasting less than half an hour, the same report notes.

TMZ also says that it’s been trying to get more details on the blossoming romance from Britney’s people but they’re either tight-lipped or adamant that there is nothing romantic going on between these two.

As we also noted on a previous occasion, interest in Britney’s personal life has soared again once she announced she and Jason were done, to the point where she’s being followed around by the paparazzi who take pics of her grocery list – to see if it can offer them any indication as to what she’s doing at home.

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