Britney Spears’ Dancing Skills Are Gone: Then and Now Video Comparison

As Britney Spears is preparing to go on tour again, in support of her latest album, “Femme Fatale,” there’s been a lot of talk about how she simply doesn’t seem fully into it, as if the life had gone out of her. PopDust has video proof that this is actually the case.

Britney officially returned to live performing with her 3-song set for Good Morning America, just hours before the album dropped.

As we also noted at the time, though the performance itself was pretty interesting to watch, it wasn’t because of Britney, whose idea of dancing seemed to be hopping from foot to foot, waving her arms, and whipping her hair back and forth.

Others have also picked up on this: her other live performances were just as lackluster, while the two videos she’s put out so far are also remarkable for how little they show of her dancing.

As PopDust notes, she may be 29 and she is a mother of two who has been through a lot these past few years, but one gets the distinctive feeling that there is also something more about Britney and, in particular, her lack of energy on stage.

To show that, the e-zine picked footage from Britney’s old videos and live shows, and pitted it against footage from the videos and shows she’s done this year.

The difference is startling: Britney was once known as the most passionate performer, a dancer whose skills were almost unmatched by any other female performer. Now, she’s a mere shadow of her former self.

“Now, Girlfriend has been through an awful lot since “Baby One More Time” seared eyeballs in 1999: marriage(s), divorce, kids, custody battles, public humiliations, corrosive scrutiny, ugly power-plays over control of her very being, and more,” PopDust says.

“We can only imagine the toll that takes on someone’s psyche, no less their body. She also suffered a knee injury back in 2004, which could be a contributing factor to her onstage woodenness, although it doesn’t explain that far-away look in her eyes,” the e-zine adds.

It could also be that Britney is being medicated for the unknown condition that led to her public and very embarrassing meltdowns of a couple of years ago (bipolar disorder, presumably), the same publication states.

Even so, it’s sad to note that, while still making music that drives fans mad and sets the charts on fire, Britney’s dancing is a far cry from what it was.

“Watch this video of Britney then vs. Britney now – inspired by the legendary 2002 nightclub dance-off between Britney and ex Justin Timberlake – and see if you don’t get a little sad/concerned when you realize that ‘then’ is less than ten years ago,” PopDust concludes.

Check it out – and speak your mind in the comments section below.

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