Britney Spears' Diet and Fitness Regime Revealed

The singer is hard at work getting her body into shape for her widely rumored comeback

Britney Spears has been in the news almost every day for the past year or so, ever since her previously picture-perfect life has taken a downward spiral and became the sometimes annoying, otherwise mildly entertaining circus we all know it to be. From a bitter divorce and a still-raging custody battle to a substance addiction, two rehab stints, a mental breakdown and two trips to the psych ward, Britney's done it all. No later than three months ago, the former pop princess' fall from grace seemed complete and definitive. However, thankfully for Britney, things took a turn for the better when her father Jamie was given complete control over her life by means of a conservatorship - and when her former manager Larry Rudolph returned to her side and started working on improving her disastrous public image, it became obvious some sort of comeback was in the works.

As far as Britney's looks were concerned, it was obvious something had to be done, as the singer's irregular and unhealthy eating habits and her widely-publicized preference for fizzy drinks, chips and fast food had had disastrous effects on her previously well-toned, enviable physique. In fact, as we all know, Britney was never one of those rail-thin celebrities, but rather an embodiment of what a healthy diet plus a grueling, regular exercise routine could do for one's appearance. Apparently, Britney is currently hard at work to get her old, pre-breakdown body back, and the National Enquirer gives us an exclusive peak into just how she's planning to do that.

As far as food and calorie intake goes, Mexican takeaways, chips and energizing drinks have been completely slashed from the singer's daily diet, and were replaced with "six small meals a day of specially prepared organic food - chicken, salads, vegetables and other low-fat fare," claims the Enquirer. However, if you thought switching from tasty junk food to low-fat organic food was tough, how about a fitness routine that involves working out with a trainer "three times a day, five days a week"? Apparently, that's what Britney is doing at the time, and it all seems to be taken very seriously.

Also, the singer "has been ordered to do a staggering thousand stomach crunches a day on her own". By means of reward, when she's not sweating in the gym, she's also getting pampered with a series of cosmetic treatments - facials, hair and skin care routines being among them. It remains to be seen if Britney is able to keep up with this extremely difficult routine or whether it all proves to be too much for her body and mind to deal with. Hopefully, she's getting all the support she needs and we'll be seeing her back on the stage where she belongs in no time.


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