British Protesters “Dismount” Power Station's Cooling Towers

The activists spent a week on top of the towers, tweeted pictures of sunsets and sunrises

A few days ago, a group of British greenheads saw fit to take over the cooling towers of a power station in Nottinghamshire.

Their plan was quite simple and yet extremely efficient: they simply climbed on the two cooling towers and refused to come back on the ground until an entire week had passed.

To make sure the general public was kept up to date with their progress in terms of making a case against gas power, the protesters brought their phones with them.

This allowed them to make sure pictures of the sunrise and of the sunset (as seen from the cooling towers) hit the online community on a daily basis.

Ewa Jasiewicz, the last person coming down from the chimney, made a case of how, “This was the first time activists have managed to successfully shut down a power station, and the longest occupation of a power station the UK has ever seen.”

Furthermore, “We stopped 20,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted, prevented any construction work on the site for a week and got our message about how reckless and ridiculous, let alone probably illegal, George Osborne's proposed 'dash for gas' is out to thousands of people.”

In spite of their having spent the last week on top of the cooling towers of this new power plant in Nottinghamshire, the 16 activists were well informed with respect to hurricane Sandy and its devastating effect on the US East Coast.

Thus, they wished to emphasize the fact that, “Hurricane Sandy demonstrated all too clearly that climate change is already serious - and it's only getting more so each month it gets ignored.”

The No Dash for Gas group now hopes that both their protest and the recent extreme weather manifestations will help convince country leaders and high officials that investing in technologies that harvest green energy sources is something that must be done as soon as possible.

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