British Airways Launches Windows 8 Modern App

The British Airways Inspiration App is now available in the Store

British Airways is the second airline company after Emirates to release a Windows 8 app, as it tries to allow its customers to discover new destinations using Microsoft’s new OS.

The so-called British Airways Inspiration App is a downloadable software solution developed to help discover destinations based on temperature and month, but also to find out the cheapest ticket prices from London to any destination.

In addition, the application tries to make the most of Windows 8’s touch-capable features to let you explore the cabins and thus see the aircrafts currently used by British Airways.

“Our relationship with Microsoft continues to excite, because of our shared desire to innovate and use technology to explore new ways to improve the customer experience,” Richard Bowden, British Airways’ digital marketing innovation manager, said.

“We believe our new integrated app delivers an exciting experience to users of Windows 8, giving British Airways customers a new way to explore and book the destinations we fly to every day.”

The application comes with support for both x86 and x64 Windows 8 flavors, but it can also be deployed on ARM devices, which include Windows RT platforms such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Unsurprisingly, the Windows Store is growing up quickly, as more software companies and developers are trying to make the most of Windows 8’s growing audience.

According to unofficial reports, there are approximately 25,000 apps available in the Store right now, but Microsoft still expects to see around 100,000 apps live by February 2013.

The bad side, on the other hand, is that top software companies are yet to release Windows 8 apps. Facebook, for example, says that it doesn’t currently work on a Windows 8 client, while Twitter confirmed said that such a project is supposed to be unveiled soon, but no actual date has been provided.

Click here to view the British Airways' app in your browser.

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