Britain’s Iceni Are Fourth Faction for Total War: Rome 2

The civilization will focus on infantry and on trade

The development team at The Creative Assembly is ready to reveal the fourth faction for the upcoming Total War: Rome 2, the fearsome tribe of the Iceni.

The player will star in the South of Britain, safe from the encroaching of continental powers but in a direct competition with their neighbors, the Atrebates and the Coritani.

The official description for the new factions reads: “The Iceni are brave and warlike; invoking the goddess Andraste as they charge into battle drives them to even greater feats of valour. Their expertise with iron makes the resource a particularly effective form of income for the tribe, as does their skill at raiding and looting.”

The unique mechanic for the Iceni allows them to gain happiness when they launch an offensive war, which comes in handy for a faction that will seek to conquer Britain and then expand across the narrow British Channel.

Warfare for the Iceni is built around masses of infantry who use large oval or rectangular shields in order to protect themselves from blows while fighting back with spears and swords.

The tribe uses paint and tattoos to show the fierceness of their warriors and other unique units feature slings and chariots and they also field light cavalry for screening and in order to chase down routers.

The Creative Assembly adds, “Although based on agriculture, their economy is sophisticated – they even mint their own coins. Their culture, craft and wealth are illustrated in the form of fantastic gold torques and other jewellery worn by their nobles.”

Gamers have long asked the developers to add a British-based faction to the first Rome strategy game and it will be interesting to see how the Iceni interact with the Gauls and their cousins in Iberia.

Total War: Rome 2 will be launched on the PC using an entirely new engine, in October of this year.

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