Brit Awards 2013: Robbie Williams Makes Harry Styles, Taylor Swift Joke

Stars use awards show to poke fun at ex celebrity couple

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles never crossed paths at the Brit Awards 2013, which took place in London last night, but as it so happens, everybody got to poke fun at them. Robbie Williams was one of those celebrities.

The Daily Mail has video of the singer praising Taylor’s fit body after her performance, and then joking that he “gets to go next.”

The British tab also says that others also used the ex celebrity couple as the butt of their jokes, including Sharon Osbourne and host James Corden.

The word “cougar” was uttered quite a few times, and Sharon called him “Harry Potter” with a “magic wand.” You get what she meant by that.

However, footage from the awards show revealed that Harry at least took all these jokes in stride.

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