Brilliant Designer Shows Apple How iOS Notifications Should Work

Apple has perhaps the best mobile operating system out there (fanboys surely agree it’s arguably the leader of the pack), but the company is yet to figure out a reliable yet non-intrusive, non-cumbersome system of notifications.

Many believe Apple’s iOS notifications system could use some work.

And while some concepts already do well to eliminate the hassle, one particular proposition from Swedish designer Andreas Hellqvist covers pretty much all aspects.

He’s made a video about it, and we encourage you to give it a quick watch at the bottom of this article.

With his concept, Andreas proves (once and for all) that “having one app that handles all notifications […] reduces the time you have to spend hunting them all in various apps,” as he puts it.

“There are a lot of really great concepts for iPhone notifications, but they all seem to stray away from what is the look and feel of iOS,” Andreas himself admits.

“So my idea is pretty simple,” he writes. “I have created a concept using only the existing graphical resources of iOS, short of a few few exceptions. But I still feel that they are in bounds of the visual philosophy,” he adds.

Andreas’ concept delves deep into the settings, where users can determine what they want to be bothered with, and what they don’t.

A good way to view some of the notifications is to bring up the multitasking tray and navigate to the left end where Andreas feels there is enough room to throw in notifications, right next to the iPod controls and orientation lock.

Andreas’ model also makes great use of the free space in between the time & date display and the slide-to-unlock toggle when the phone is locked.

As shown in the picture above, the idea is to have all notifications as easily accessible as possible. So what better way to instantly view one if not slide-to-view?

“When I started thinking about how to improve the notification system I felt almost immediately that Apple is all about apps, so why not make an app that handles this task,” he writes.

Well Andreas, get coding you talented Swede, you!

Or at least tell Apple to pay you the big bucks so they can implement your concept, because what you have here is nothing short of brilliant!

iOS notifications concept from Andreas on Vimeo.

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