Brigitte Bardot Will Take Russian Citizenship If France Kills Two Sick Elephants

The animals have tuberculosis, yet Brigitte Bardot thinks that is no reason to kill them

Two elephants presently living at a Lyon zoo have recently been diagnosed with tuberculosis, and their caretakers agreed that perhaps it would be best to end their lives in a humane manner.

However, actress Briggite Bardot strongly disapproves of their plans for these elephants, and swears that, unless her plea to keep them alive is given due attention, she will follow in Gerard Depardieu's footsteps and apply for Russian citizenship.

According to Daily Mail, Brigitte Bardot's exact statement on the matter at hand was as follows:

“If the powers that be have the cowardice and the shamelessness to kill Baby and Nepal, I have decided to take Russian nationality and quit this country that is nothing more an animal cemetery.”

For those unaware, the actress is a vegetarian and a fierce animal rights activists, so it need not come as such a big surprise that, when hearing about how the Tete d’Or zoo in Lyon wishes to deal with the two elephants in their care, she did her best in trying to save them.

The animals are 42-years-old, and their euthanasia was supposed to take place towards the end of last year's December.

However, an online petition managed to save their lives at that time, and their killing was postponed for a few days.

Briggite Bardot claims that, ever since she first heard about their story, she volunteered to actively become involved in their being rescued and even presented the zoo with some solutions other than euthanasia.

Thus, she suggested that proper care and relocation are the more suitable alternatives.

Still, Tete d’Or's management staff chose to not pay attention to anything she had to say.

Interestingly enough, some people decided to poke fun at the actress's threat to apply for Russian citizenship and move to this part of the world if these elephants are eventually killed.

This is because, as many people are well aware off, Russian people do not really believe in vegetarianisms, and odds are their treatment of animals is not one Briggite Bardot would approve of either.

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