BrightWire Issues Clarification on the “iPhone Math” Rumor

The name “iPhone Math” continues to be reported in news sources

Business-to-business resource BrightWire has released a statement aiming to provide some clarification regarding the “iPhone Math” rumor which some sites speculated to be a bad case of translation.

Softpedia was one of the first news sources to cover the iPhone Math rumor yesterday morning. We reported the three-iPhone rumor with skepticism, particularly regarding the “math” dubbing of a supposed 5-inch iPhone.

As our readers will agree, the rumor is sketchy at best. But Apple will have the final say.

Now BrightWire, the source quoting Chinese newspapers on the rumor, is reinforcing its claims that the “iPhone Math” moniker is not the result of a bad translation.

In a note to readers, the portfolio manager source says, “Some news sites are speculating that the real name of the ‘iPhone Math’ product is ‘iPhone Max’ or ‘iPhone +’.”

“However, the name ‘iPhone Math’ continues to be reported in Chinese and Taiwanese news sources that originally broke the story.”

“It is important to note that this story is still a rumor — Apple has not made official comments or confirmed existence of this device. We will be continuing to provide updates as this story develops.”

BrightWire made waves yesterday as it cited China Times and the Taiwan-based Commercial Times on a new rumor that “Apple will announce three new iPhone models in 2013, and two of them, the 4-inch iPhone 5S and 4.8-inch iPhone Math (both featuring 8-mega-pixel cameras), will hit markets before the end of June.”

A third iPhone featuring a 12 megapixel camera sensor will reportedly launch in fall. Apple is said to have already contracted Foxconn for 90% of the manufacturing orders.

The report, citing the two Asian publications, also quickly noted that Apple would release its much-anticipated iTV this year, “and the company is set to unveil seven to eight new products in the year.”

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