Brie Lybrand: Former Beauty Queen Accuses Father of Abuse, Torture on Style Vlog

Popular YouTube blogger threatens her abusive father with three handguns

Former pageant queen and YouTube style vlogger Brie Lybrand uploaded a "different kind of video" on her otherwise beauty-oriented channel.

Lybrand tells a horrific story of torture, by the father that repeatedly abused her and administered horrifying beatings to both her, as a little girl, and her mother.

"I watched my mother in a pool of her own blood and then he came after me. [...] Even at my age I still have nightmares that he's coming back to kill me," she remembers, unable to hold back tears.

"The man that took my virginity, robbed me of innocence, has subscribed to me on You Tube and is watching my videos," she says, explaining what brought on her emotional outburst.

The self-proclaimed "New Orleans Beauty Guru" then pulls out three handguns, promising to take revenge if he were ever to return into her life.

"My father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured, and raped me from the time I was four till I was thirteen years old," she adds, naming her attacker.

Editors at Gawker note that the web testimony may be a hoax, as Lybrand has dabbled with acting before, and may have been putting on a skit.

"I didn't have a father. I had a monster. I had a murderer," Lybrand rants, during what we believe is a frighteningly real nervous meltdown.

Please note that user discretion is recommended, as the video contains graphic imagery.

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