Brian the Dog Returns to “Family Guy” in December 15 Episode

Whether his comeback is a one-time thing or not still remains to be seen

Breathe easy, “Family Guy” fans because Brian the Dog, who met his end in a gruesome accident in the November 24 episode, isn’t gone for good, despite reports to the contrary. In fact, Entertainment Weekly reports, he will return to the show as early as December 15.

“The beloved talking canine […] will pop back up on the animated Fox comedy in the Dec. 15 installment. (The network declined to comment.),” EW says.

“How exactly Brian — who is voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane — will re-emerge from the land of the dead is unknown, but he will continue to play a role on the show. (In an episode slated to run next fall, for example, he becomes enamored with an avid runner, played by Maya Rudolph.),” the report continues.

At the time of Brian’s death, fans upset with the producers’ decision actually went online to start several petitions to ask for his return from the land of the dead, but their prayers and pleas remained unanswered.

Producers even hinted that they were serious about Brian’s departure, saying they wanted to explore how his passing influenced the family dynamics. Could this have been just a PR stunt? We’ll see after the December 15 episode.

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