Breastfeeding Baby Doll Debuted, Makes Suckling Sounds

The doll created by Spanish company Berjuan Toys retails at $89 (€70)

The world's first Breastfeeding Baby Doll is receiving mixed reviews, since being debuted on the American market. Breast Milk Baby was created by family-owned Berjuan Toys, to teach young girls how to breastfeed.

At $89 (€70), the doll burps and cries, mimicking the behavior of a newborn. While playing, the girl using it can attach appliques provided in the box on her chest, to obtain the breastfeeding experience. Breast Milk Baby senses contact and starts making suckling noises which many have dubbed “creepy.”

“We felt that it had merit in dealing with new babies for the older child, and for the curiosity that children have in this area,” Berjuan Toys U.S. rep Dennis Lewis explains, according to the Daily Mail.

This concoction is much worse than the pregnant baby doll that I presented in October, as it is actually meant to be sold and used by children. The pregnant doll came in all shapes and sizes, including twin dolls with twin fetuses, but it was intended as a social statement against teen pregnancy.

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