Breast Cancer Awareness Ad Criticized for Objectifying Women

A Chilean PSA aimed at men encourages them to convince their partners to get a checkup

A breast cancer awareness campaign video from Chile has received a lot of mixed reviews, with many dubbing the commercial inconsiderate, as it focuses more on female body parts than it does on women's health.

The PSA ran in Chile, and it includes a tagline in Spanish, encouraging men to take an interest in protecting their partners' “assets,” by convincing them to get checked out.

“If we like them so much, we should look after them. Encourage a woman to have a breast examination,” the slogan reads, as translated by the Daily Mail.

The ad was created by Santiago-based marketing agency Lowe Porta. Creative director Gonzalo Baeza is not apologetic about the message it sends out.

“The aim of the ad is to get men to encourage their wives, friends and relatives to examine their breasts,” he explains.

However, Chilean breast cancer support organizations are refusing any association with the campaign. The agency intended to include the logo of non-profit “Yo mujer” (I, woman) in the ad, but their offer was declined, NGO spokeswoman Ana Cox stated.

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