“Breaking Dawn Part 2” Wins Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Weekend

Final installment in vampire franchise is really going out with a bang

As was to be expected, the final installment in “The Twilight Saga,” “Breaking Dawn Part 2” is set to break box office records. It’s just won the Thanksgiving extended weekend, the best in years for the industry.

Over the extended holiday weekend, “BD 2” made another $43 million (€33.14 million), which brings its domestic gross in just two weeks to $227 million (€174.9 million).

Worldwide, the film has already grossed $577.7 million (€446 million), which makes it the best selling installment in the entire series.

Not that any of this is surprising, come to think of it: Summit turned Stephenie Meyer’s original novels into one of the most popular vampire film franchises of all times.

It would have been disappointing if it had lower sales than this, but the Twi-hards would have never allowed for such a thing.

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