Bread That Stays Fresh for 60 Days Decreases Food Waste

Not yet available for home use, but already a great benefit for food industry

Given the extreme food waste registered by the United States' population, American scientists have invented a microwave-like mechanism which makes the bread last for 60 days.

The mechanism was conceived by MicroZap, a bio-tech private company from Texas Tech University and it works as a reducer of the mold growing particles in bread.

“We tried a slice of bread and then checked the mould after 60 days and it had the same level of mould that it did when it came straight out of the oven,” explained Don Stull, director at MicroZap, as cited by The Telegraph.

Later, it has been proven that the same technique could be applied to other types of basic aliments, including some types of meat and fresh fruits.

However, the machinery is now available only for industrial use, since its giant dimensions, comparable to those of a small-size car, won't allow usage in a normal home kitchen.

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