Brazilian Website Rents Real Fake Facebook Girlfriends

Impressing your friends and being the envy of your enemies has never been easier

Facebook has made it a lot easier to find that special someone or just any someone if you really want to. But it also made it easier for your friends (and enemies) to know that you haven't found him or her.

One Brazilian company decided to tackle the problem and make it possible to impress your friends, your family, or "the ladies" with a fake Facebook girlfriend.

It's not free of course, but it's cheaper than going out for dinner. If you're a cheapskate, or just want a very temporary solution, it will only set you back R$10, about US$5 or €3.7.

But that only works for three days and you just get three comments out of it; it may be good for a really desperate situation, but it won't cut it in the long run.

The seven day/10 comments option is better, but if you really want to upgrade your social status, you'll be paying top Brazilian dollar for it, R$99, about $50 or €36.

It's well worth it too, you get 30 comments out of it and a 30-day relationship. It's not just the quantity, all the fake girls are real, as in, they're really girls with real profiles, they're just not your girlfriend. It's actually a good deal for the girls involved, they get half the money.

This is hardly the only service of its kind and if you think it can't be that popular, all of the girls on the site are currently busy.

In the olden days, faking success or even a girlfriend was a lot harder, you had to spend your month's pay in one night at the club, take photos next to other people's cars and say they're your own and so on. As with everything else in life, technology has made faking it easier and cheaper than ever.

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