Brazilian Government Sites Hacked in Protest Against 2014 FIFA World Cup

Anonymous hackers have launched a campaign called OpWorldCup

The official website of Brazil’s Igarapé do Meio municipality ( has been hacked by DK Brazil HackTeam, a group affiliated with Anonymous. The hacktivists have targeted the government website in protest against the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup which will take place in Brazil.

Visitors of the Igarapé do Meio website are redirected to a defacement page that displays a short message and a video called “Expect us on 2014 FIFA’s Cup.”

The hackers say they haven’t deleted any information, except for logs. The attack is part of a campaign dubbed OpWorldCup.

In the video published on YouTube, Anonymous Brazil highlights the negative impact of the World Cup on Brazil and its citizens.

In addition to the website of the municipality, DK Brazil HackTeam has also defaced a subdomain of the Sao Paolo state website.

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