Bratz Mobiles for Bratz Children

The new mobile is manufactured by Sony Ericsson

MGA Entertainment and Ztar Mobile announced the first Bratz Mobile phone available on the market, inspired from the popular Bratz line of fashion dolls and accessories.

The Bratz Mobile targets the young girls and it features exclusive Bratz wallpapers like Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha. Also, the handset comes with customized voice ringtones by Roxxi and Sasha, screensavers and skins with some of the dolls favorites. Other than that, the phone helps parents control their child's mobile phone spending, by programming the handset to call only the numbers that have been introduced into the contacts system. Even the contacts system can be PIN protected to keep the child from putting in other the phone numbers.

The handset is manufactured by Sony Ericsson and is based on the older T290 model.

The phone includes fine features such as full voice services (Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Three-way Calling), SMS, and WAP browsing. The Bratz phone is available with pre-paid service running on the Ztar network.

Ztar is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that sells services and operates on the Cingular GSM network.

The phone is pre-loaded with the equivalent of 50 minutes of airtime in the USA, charged at $.20/minute, and can be purchased for US$69.99.

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