Brandi Glanville Is Having Surgery to Remove Breast Tumor

Reality star will be going under the knife this week, says there’s no need to worry

Brandi Glanville, reality star and controversial tabloid fixture because of the many times she’s badmouthed her ex husband’s current wife LeAnn Rimes, is going under the knife to have a tumor removed from her breast.

Brandi herself has confirmed the news on Twitter, presumably thinking that her fans deserve to get the truth straight from her before it comes out in the press and is blown out of proportion.

Though she’s due in the operating room in two days, Brandi is keeping upbeat and, at the same time, cool.

The tumor is not benign, she says.

“It’s not the big C, please don’t worry. It’s just some n’lame that’s been making me ill,” she tweeted.

Radar Online has a bit more details about how ill Brandi has been feeling these past few weeks and, judging by it, getting a proper checkup and surgery was the best alternative.

“Brandi was feeling nauseous all day and was having weird chest pains so an ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital,” an insider tells the tab.

“She found a weird lump under her arm, which turned out not to be cancer, but doctors still couldn't figure out what's wrong with her. She's home now, but she's sick,” the unnamed friend further dished.

As we also reported last week, Brandi recently made headlines for going on the record saying LeAnn Rimes, with whom her ex husband Eddie Cibrian cheated on her and to whom he’s now married, had a serious eating disorder.

Glanville also said that LeAnn was popping laxatives like they were candy and was too unstable to be around her kids with Eddie, unless she too was supervised by someone more responsible.

The comments drew lots of criticism for Brandi and, at the same time, bitter denials from the two stars, LeAnn and Eddie, who insist she’s just dying to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

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