Brandi Glanville Gets Drunk, Falls Out of Her Dress – Photo

Reality star goes out with friends in Hollywood, returns home completely wasted

When you’re a celebrity, especially one that commands this much media attention as Brandi Glanville does, you must expect paparazzi wherever you go. Sometimes, this means being reminded of nights you’d probably wish to forget.

The reality star, famous for her ongoing feud with her ex-husband’s current wife LeAnn Rimes, went out for drinks in Hollywood the other night, and got so intoxicated she nearly went back home without her clothes – and dignity.

As hinted above, there are photos of her drunken outing, which include tripping and falling outside a hotel, even though her male friend was desperately trying to hold her upright, and falling out of her dress.

The Daily Mail has the pics.

Since Brandi is never the one to pretend like something embarrassing didn’t happen, she took to Twitter to have her side of the story out as well: she got drunk, so what? It’s not like she murdered anyone, she says.

Before the outing in question, she tweeted, “Dinner with gaygent and friend from Texas Kevin but momma is tired!!! I need to bottle my childrens energy.”

“My gays are gonna try and drag me to the Abby tonight I just know it! @StylistSalvador and @helloross need to join!,” she also wrote.

Hours ago, after the epic party and embarrassing photos, Brandi was tweeting again, this time to tell those criticizing her to take a chill pill and stop judging.

“I got drunk with my gays its not murder,,everyone kept sending us drinks.I was being polite,” she says.

“When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL if the time, and don't have at least a bit of cellulite on ur [backside], get back 2 me,” Brandi says.

She also urges the paparazzi waiting outside her home to leave her be, because she’s just walking her dog and doing nothing scandalous. Plus, “all the ‘good’ pics were last night.”

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