Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana Break Up Again

The relationship simply didn’t work out, neither is sore about it

People’s hottest man alive is on the market again. Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana have broken up again, this time for good, inside sources reveal for PageSix.

The two started dating when they were working on “The Words” but tried to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

Three months later, they had already called it quits, but were reconciled in September, with speculation picking up that, this time, things were becoming really serious.

If they were at one point, they aren’t that serious anymore.

“Zoe had planned to spend the holidays with Bradley and his family in Europe. They all were going to Paris, but things didn’t work out between them. Zoe spent New Year’s Eve with friends in Miami,” an inside source says for the aforementioned celebrity publication.

While Zoe was partying with friends – and showing no signs of heartbreak – Bradley went back to work, the report further says.

Word has it that the two simply drifted apart because of their busy schedule, so the split was as friendly as possible.

Cooper, for one, has been putting in a lot of press appearances lately, to promote the “Silver Linings Playbook,” which also stars Jennifer Lawrence and has already generated plenty of Oscar buzz for him.

Zoe, one the other hand, is working on “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Blood Ties.”

In other words, both have their plate full as far as work goes, for the time being. Perhaps this would explain why Zoe did not appear too heartbroken over the split.

“If Zoe was upset over the split with Bradley, she didn’t show it,” the eyewitness further says.

The reason why there’s a surge in interest in the breakup is that both Bradley and Zoe are extremely private and rarely talk about their personal life. However, paparazzi did manage to catch the two together running errands or leaving family events since they got back together in September.

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