Boyfriend Cheating on You - There’s an App for That

Sad that it has to exist, but ingenious nonetheless

Developer Jorgnsn has created a clever app that allows you to see whether your other half has been snooping around your phone, checking your text messages, emails, etc. Best of all, the app mimics your iPhone's home screen, but doesn’t actually allow the person snooping to access anything.

iTrust works like this: you take a screenshot of your home screen (by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons together), at which point it will be saved in your Camera Roll. Launch iTrust and load the respective screenshot from your gallery. Hit accept and iTrust will sort of set that screenshot as a wallpaper, fooling anyone who tries to access your phone that your iPhone has frozen.

That’s not all, though. You get to see what your girlfriend / boyfriend has been trying to access while your were in the shower, down to the grocery, etc. It records a log, complete with a video showing where exactly the person touched the screen, as they were trying to gain access. Although iTrust is pretty smart (and worth giving a go even just for laughs), it’s pretty pathetic that we go to such length just to protect our lying nature and continue cheating.

“Does your girlfriend or boyfriend trust you, or do you think they read your texts and emails while you're away from your phone? A new British study says 67% of women check their boyfriend’s phones regularly. With iTrust you can find out who would snoop around on your phone while you are not looking,” the app’s description on the iTunes App Store reads. A list of key features is also provided. Those include:

- Video playback of events that have taken place;

- Will work even if device goes into sleep mode;

- Saves the five most recent logs;

- For your security a log will only be deleted if it gets older than the five most recent logs.

A video demonstration of the app in action can be found below, just under the download link. iTrust costs $0.99 and requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later. According to the iTunes description, the app is also supported on the iPod touch.

Download iTrust ($0.99)

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