Boy George Jailed for Assault on Male Escort

British star accused of chaining and beating paid male companion

Boy George was a “drug-crazed idiot,” as his own attorney said in court a couple of hours ago, when he picked up a male escort in April 2007, handcuffed him to the wall, and lashed out at him with a chain while shouting insults. However, not even this defense could save the former Culture Club star from spending time in jail, as a Snaresbrook Crown Court judge sentenced him to 15 months of imprisonment.

The incident occurred almost two years ago and, ever since, it has not ceased to fascinate the international media. It was, as the newspapers called it, the hard fall of a star that was once the epitome of extravagance, something of an ultimate symbol of the ‘80s. This was also the defense strategy the singer’s attorney played in court, albeit to no avail, saying that the star, whose real name was George O’Dowd, had hit “rock bottom,” and was behaving like a “drug-crazed idiot.”

“He will not now very likely ever be permitted to perform in the U.S and Japan where he has a very, very significant fan base. The humiliation of this is going to live with him for ever.” Adrian Waterman said, adding that the cost of this incident would, in time, prove to be “truly enormous.” The judge, on the other hand, was unmoved by whatever remorse the star professed to feel and, after passing the sentence, had him imprisoned on the spot, much to the despair and anger of George’s family and friends, all present in court.

“In my view, there can be no doubt that your premeditated callous and humiliating handcuffing and detention of Mr. Carlsen shocked, degraded and traumatized him. He was deprived of his liberty and human dignity without warning or proper explanation to him of its purpose, length or purported justification. You assaulted the victim of this offense whom you had invited into your home by handcuffing him to your bed and inflicting on him additional wholly gratuitous violence beyond that needed merely to secure physical restraint and detention.” the unrelenting judge told George. 

As noted above, the incident occurred in 2007, when O’Dowd, already dealing with several lawsuits on drug-related charges, went out and picked up a male escort on the street. Upon arriving at his place, he handcuffed him and started to violently beat him with a chain, while also shouting insults at him. The victim took advantage of a moment when George was not paying attention, fled the scene in nothing but his underpants, and went straight to the police.

A statement showing the official stand of the incarcerated George O’Dowd is now pending.

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