Boy Eats His Own Bedroom, Gets “Inedible” One for His Birthday

Zach Tahis suffers with a rare medical condition which makes him crave solid objects

While some parents settle for buying their kids various toys for their birthday, one couple in Salford, North West England got their six-year-old an “inedible” bedroom.

Their decision to invest in presenting their kid with this peculiar gift came as a direct result of the boy's eating the walls that made up his previous bedroom. Apparently, the boy only ate his previous room because he could not help doing otherwise.

Specialists explain that six-year-old Zach Tahir is suffering with a rare medical condition that makes him crave solid objects such as stones, paper and plaster.

The scientific community refers to this medical condition as Pica, Daily Mail informs us.

By the looks of it, Zach's urge to feed on solids was so great, that the boy ended up binging down significant amounts of the plasterboard found inside his previous bedroom.

As his parents told members of the press, the boy even tried to eat the blinds obscuring his windows.

Given the fact that Zach is still very young, his parents are quite unable to reason with him and convince him that what he is doing is bound to cause him serious health issues.

According to the kid's mother, Rachel Horn, Zach is ready and willing to eat just about anything. “There's no limit to what he will try and eat,” she said.

Furthermore, “We don't know what appeals to him about the objects around him but there's nothing we can do to stop him trying to chew through anything and everything.”

In an attempt to keep him safe, Zach's parents got him a so-called inedible bedroom made up of squash-court walls.

Besides this, they had to make sure that the furniture inside his room was entirely foolproof, meaning that Zach would not be able to bite into it even if he tried, and that his new blinds were fitted in between the window panes, where Zach would not have access to them.

All in all, the costs of this inedible bedroom amounted to a whopping £36,000 (roughly €41,674 / $55,667).

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