Boston Suspect ID'd? Video Footage Shows "Dark-Skinned" Man Dropping Off Bag

Two videos indicate that the man has placed the bag near the finish line

Unreleased police video evidence allegedly reveals the identity of a dark-skinned man dropping off a duffel bag in the proximity of the Boston Marathon finish line.

The man in question could be a suspect in the bombings that have left three people dead and many crippled on Monday, April 15.

According to the Christian Post, the theory is supported by two different videos. One of them is CCTV footage, possibly from Lord & Taylor Department Store while the other has been provided by a local TV station.

The footage shows the suspect leaving the bag in a location pinpointed by authorities as the spot from which one of the blasts has originated.

As I mentioned yesterday, some 2,000 videos and photos were brought in by the public after the FBI announced that they need footage of the scene.

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