Borderlands 2 Wants Players to Try Out More of the Game’s Weapons

People shouldn't decide to wield just one type of gun, Gearbox believes

Gearbox Software, the developer of the upcoming Borderlands 2 first person shooter has talked about the game’s increased weapon variety and how it hopes that players will try out more firearms instead of deciding on certain types right from the start of the story.

Borderlands impressed lots of gamers with its sharp shooter mechanics, great visual style, and the huge variety of weapons that could be wielded.

Now, with the sequel, Gearbox Software wants to further increase the number of weapons by tweaking its procedural weapon creation system to offer players different types of guns and motivate them to explore all sorts of firearms.

"This time around we want players to really explore our new guns which have a staggering amount of variety," said Paul Hellquist, creative director at Gearbox to IGN about these new weapon systems.

In the previous game, players would settle on a certain weapon or type early on and forget about trying other things. With the second game, Gearbox wants to motivate them to experiment with their guns.

“We want the player to have the fun RPG experience of determining, you know, the min/max area of the best weapons for this class with this build are these types, whether it's this brand of pistols or this brand of assault rifles or whatever. We really want that to be something that players explore instead of sort of saying 'hey, go use the assault rifles all the time.'"

Borderlands 2 received an impressive presentation video earlier this week, which showed off the new main characters and their classes, the antagonist, Handsome Jack, as well as quite a lot of gameplay footage.

More importantly, a final release date for the shooter was also revealed, so PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers can look forward to getting Borderlands on September 18, in North America, and Septemebr 21, in Europe.

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