Boot Camp Problems

Stuck with a Windows only Mac...

It had to come to this, after countless articles and headlines about "Boot Camp" and all the wonderful things it does and the possibilities it offers. So, we are now beginning to see the reverse, in which "Boot Camp" is evil and how users are disappointed.

The root of all this is a thread on the Apple user (to user) support forum, in which a few people were discussing issues encountered that prevented them from booting into OS X. This is, of course, headline fodder, and the sensationalism of people having Macs that can only boot Windows is a hard thing to resist. However, reading through the thread reveals that the situation is not as sensational as it might seem.

Firstly, "Boot Camp" is beta software, with everything that it implies. The fact that most of the people complaining are in fact complaining about possible data loss, is a clear indication of how much time and comprehension was involved in reading the instruction for the software.

Secondly, the fact that many problems seem related to corrupted swap files hints at the fact that the users might not have followed the precise instructions given by Apple, which were to quit all open applications. It might be that these users were not aware that simple programs, such as menu items and widgets, and other such minute software is actually a program, and as such, should be closed before installing the software.

Thirdly, while most of the people with problems are very clear on what hardware they have, they offer no information whatsoever on the version of Windows they installed, and whether it was a clean Windows, not something downloaded off the Internet, and where they installed Windows, namely what partition.

While the press can blow this way out of proportion, all of the issues encountered were just a few, and many of the users have had successful second attempts. The data loss, that may have incurred, is the fault of the user, and nobody else's. "Boot Camp" works, and for a beta it works incredibly well. There are commercials, final version programs that have more failed attempts than this. Then again, if you can't be responsible, crying and pointing the finger at Apple is easier.

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