Bogus YouTube Notifications Lure Users to Holiday-Themed Rogue Pharmacy Sites

The emails are entitled “YouTube Support has sent you a personal message”

Most users would be curious to see what they’ve uploaded to YouTube after receiving a notification from the video-sharing site informing them that their video has been approved. Fraudsters are relying on this to lure users to their rogue pharmacy sites.

Dancho Danchev explains on the Webroot blog that the emails entitled “YouTube Support has sent you a personal message” point to a holiday-themed website called “Canadian Family Pharmacy.”

These rogue pharmaceutical stores promote all sorts of products at cheap prices, trying to convince victims to purchase something.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that such websites have been around for quite some time, studies show that a large number of users still fall for the scam and purchase counterfeit drugs.

That’s why I once again urge everyone never to hand over credit card details on websites advertised via spam, and refrain from purchasing medication from untrusted online stores.

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