Bogus Pixmania Gift Voucher Emails Carry Trojan

Only around a dozen antivirus solutions are capable of identifying the malware

By on January 10th, 2013 11:59 GMT

Emails entitled “ gift voucher code,” apparently coming from – the popular e-commerce website – are being used to distribute malware.

Experts from MX Lab warn that the zip files attached to the bogus messages contain a 122KB file called voucher.scr.

The file appears to be a harmless screensaver, but it’s actually a Trojan identified by antivirus solutions as Win32/Kryptik.ARTR, Trojan.Generic.KD.823865, Artemis!32D03167D51A or WS.Reputation.1.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, only 13 of the 45 antivirus engines integrated into VirusTotal identified the file as a threat.

Users are advised to be on the lookout for such emails. As a rule of thumb, unsolicited messages that promise all sorts of prizes or outrageous content, regardless whether they come via email or on social media websites, should be considered potentially dangerous.

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