Bogus “Join My Network on LinkedIn” Emails Spread Cridex Trojan

The fake notifications have been making the rounds for years, but they're still effective

Some malware-spreading spam campaigns are effective only as long as the topic they rely on is hot. Others, on the other hand, can be efficient for years on end.

This is the case of the old “Join my network on LinkedIn” bogus emails that have been making the rounds since 2010.

According to researchers from GFI Labs, this particular campaign has been going strong over the past days, attempting to trick recipients into clicking on links that point to BlackHole exploit kit sites.

These malicious websites are designed to push the information-stealing Cridex Trojan onto the computers of unsuspecting users.

The clever thing about this scam emails is this question: “Why might connecting with [user name] be a good idea?”

Cybercriminals are relying on the fact that recipients might be curious to find out the answer.

Beware of bogus emails and never click on links until you're certain that the URL which hides behind them is safe.

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