Bogus FedEx Parcel Delivery Notifications Spread Smoaler Trojan

FedEx and Symantec are warning users about the malicious emails

Symantec has issued an alert regarding fake FedEx parcel delivery notifications designed to distribute a piece of malware identified as Trojan.Smoaler.

All the malicious emails are identical, except for the fact that they appear to come from different services and they carry different order IDs.

When users click on the “Get&Print Receipt” button, they’re taken to a website where they’re served a zip file containing an executable called “PostalReceipt.exe.”

Experts say that the cybercriminals aren’t changing the domains that host the Trojan too often, and the order date appears to be the same in all the emails – January 17, 2013.

FedEx is aware of the large number of cybercriminal operations that leverage the company’s reputation. That’s why they provide customers with all the information that’s needed to avoid falling victim to such scams.

In addition, earlier this month, they’ve published a fraudulent email alert to warn users about this particular spam campaign.

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