Boeing Ready to Launch Third Advanced GPS Satellite

The corporation plays an important role in upgrading the positioning system

Officials at the Boeing Company announce that a spacecraft codenamed SVN-65 is now ready to launch, as the third of 12 advanced versions of the standard Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

The corporation is under contract with the United States Air Force to build, assemble, test and launch a series of vehicles that will significantly improve the power, precision and capacity of the entire GPS network.

The new spacecraft successfully completed its final checkout assessments recently, and is now ready for launch at 8:10 am EDT (1210 GMT) today, October 4.

“As the GPS IIFs become operational, they are ensuring that the Air Force can meet the current and future needs of both military and civilian users,” explains the director of the USAF Space and Missile Systems Center's Global Positioning Systems Directorate, Col. Bernie Gruber.

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