Bodybuilder Shows Off Fake Tan, Forgets to Tan Face, in Arnold Classic Europe Show

Check out the funniest fake tan job ever, you will think the picture is photoshopped

During this year's Arnold Classic Europe Showdown in Madrid, one bodybuilder tried to impress the judges with his perfectly sculpted physique and his fake tan.

The Arnold Classic Europe is a spinoff of the US-based Arnold Classic, co-founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger way back in 1988.

One competitor realized that, in a competition of this nature, your face is not important – it's only your body that counts. Editors at Twirlit jokingly mention that he has applied Varathane all over his body, managing to draw more attention to his face that he would have wished.

The man's picture seems photoshopped, as if a head was removed from an old Arnold shot and plastered on his body. We do not exclude the possibility that it was a tribute to the great Arnold.

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