Body of Missing Mom Found in Trunk in St. Louis

Oklahoma mother Ebony Jackson is found after frantic search

The body of a woman reported missing last Friday, Oklahoma mother Ebony Jackson has been found in the trunk of her car in St. Louis at 4400 block of Elmbank, the police have confirmed, as the video above will show.

Jackson was reported missing last week, when her 3-month baby was found alone in an apartment complex. A frantic search was launched immediately, and it ended with the gruesome discovery.

Family members have already spoken to the press, saying they know Jackson’s death was foul play. Police are now investigating her death as a homicide.

They are now looking into her phone records to see who might have contacted her before last Friday, when she went missing.

Police documents reveal that Jackson had had trouble with the law, having been arrested 3 times since 2005.

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