Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 Includes Linux 3.0, Firefox 6.0

The documentation has been expanded and there are several new themes

After several months in development, Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 is here. As usual, it comes with plenty of updates packages, but also brings several improvements in the looks department, seven new themes are included, and some better documentation.

There aren't any big new features, but if you want a clean install, Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 ensures that you don't spend a lot of time updating after you've installed the distro on your system.

Several big core packages have been updated, including the kernel which is now Linux 3.0.0. The Enlightenment window manager has also been updated, it is now based on a very recent SVN version, only a few days old.

"20,000 forum posts and over 100,000 downloads later the Bodhi team and I are proud to announce our second point release - Bodhi 1.2.0," Jeff Hoogland announced.

The Midori 0.4.0 web browser, used by default, is also included in the latest Bodhi Linux update. But there are plenty of other browser options included as well.

If you're a Mozilla fan, there is the latest Firefox 6.0, alternatively, Chromium 13 is included as well as the very latest Opera 11.51.

The Nvidia graphics drivers have been updated as well, Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 comes with Nvidia 280.13.

"We have been including the awesome GetDeb repo by default in Bodhi since our early releases. These repositories serve many people and often have bandwidth issues. Because of this we are now hosting our own mirror of GetDeb that will be used by default," Hoogland explained.

There is also better documentation for the latest update. The wiki as well as the local documentation have been expanded and the Quick Start guide has been translated into Dutch as well, now supporting a total of 11 languages.

Bodhi Linux is available for download here.

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