Bobcat Is Too Nice and Too Cute to Be Released into the Wild

Volunteers are working around the clock trying to get it to toughen up

Back in August, a bobcat cub was rescued from a wildfire that took place northwest of Lake Tahoe. At that time, Chips, as this bobcat is now called, was only 3-4 weeks old.

Because nobody managed to find its mother, the bobcat cub was taken in by the greenheads working with the Sierra Wildlife Center in Placerville and soon enough it came to terms with the fact that this would be its new home, sources report.

Unfortunately, Chips has grown a tad too accustomed to being around people, which is why the people who helped rescue it in the first place now fear that it is simply too cute and too nice to survive in the wilderness.

Seeing how the staff at the Sierra Wildlife Center intend to send it on its way this coming spring, Chips must now work hard and toughen up a bit.

In order to help it achieve this, volunteers are giving it live mice and other small animals on which it can practice its hunting skills.

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