Bobcat Attacks Man Working in His Garage

The man's wife and his nephew were also injured by the angry feline

This past Sunday, Roger D. Mundell from Brookfield, MA was attacked by a bobcat while he was going about his business in his home's garage.

As he now recollects, he did not even realize that the feline was standing fairly close to him, and only became aware of its presence when it started to hiss.

“In an instant it was on me. It jumped up and bit me above the eye, on my forehead. I have claw marks on the back of my shoulders, like it had be in bear hug,” Roger D. Mundell later told members of the press.

While trying to make a getaway, the bobcat stumbled upon the man's 15-year-old nephew, and attacked him as well. With the help of his wife, Roger eventually managed to kill the feline using a semi-automated pistol that Mr. Mundell's wife brought from inside the house.

All three of them were taken to a hospital, and doctors made sure that their injuries were well looked after and that rabies shots were administered.

For those unaware, bobcats are rather small predators, yet this does not change the fact that they can be quite fierce, as shown in this video here.

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