Bobbi Kristina Was Always a “Problem Child”

She's been battling demons since she was 14, says insider

Even when she was just 14, Bobbi Kristina was a “problem child” who lacked proper supervision and would often go out partying, drinking and doing drugs, says an insider who claims to have attended the same high school as Whitney Houston's daughter.

Following a series of very troubling reports about the 18-year-old's condition since her mother's tragic passing, comes another one: she's always been like that.

Hollywood Life spoke to someone who went to the same high school as Bobbi Kristina – and it would seem her issues with drugs and alcohol go a long way back.

When she was 14, Bobbi Kristina, or Krissi as friends call her, already had a reputation of a “party animal.”

“Bobbi Kristina Brown's family is concerned about her drug and alcohol use increasing following her mother’s tragic death – but Whitney Houston's daughter’s behavior isn’t a new trend. The 18-year-old celeb has been struggling with these issues for several years now,” Hollywood Life writes.

She wasn't just partying as teens are prone to do whenever they get away from their parents – she was clearly having issues as early as back then, the insider dishes.

“Bobbi Kristina was really nice. People liked her, but she was known as a problem child,” says the classmate, adding that she didn't seem to have “much supervision,” which would explain why she “was living life on the edge.”

“She was a party animal, even then,” the spy adds.

If all of this is accurate, then it's completely understandable why the Houston family would be worried sick about her, especially since she's already been hospitalized twice after her mother's death, reportedly for mixing sedatives with alcohol.

Moreover, word online has it that her relatives want to send her to rehab as soon as possible, because they fear the worst if they allow her to continue this way.

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