Blue Coat Set to Acquire Crossbeam Systems

The main goal of the acquisition is to bring together complementary technologies

Web security and optimization solutions provider Blue Coat Systems will acquire Crossbeam Systems, a company that specializes in delivering scalable network security.

The acquisition’s main goal is to allow Blue Coat to provide customers that want to optimize and secure their networks with a wider offering by bringing together the complementary technologies supplied so far by each of the organizations.

“With Crossbeam, Blue Coat gains a best-in-class support infrastructure and a high performing platform that scales to meet the needs of even the most complex enterprise IT environments,” said Greg Clark, chief executive officer at Blue Coat Systems.

Christian Christiansen, IDC’s program vice president of security products & services, explains, “As enterprises seek to improve corporate agility with mobile and cloud-based solutions, the dual demands for greater capacity and improved threat response force enterprises into a cycle of constantly expanding networking and security infrastructures.”

“Blue Coat and Crossbeam have a history of embracing emerging security ecosystems, and this acquisition potentially enables customers to further tap into even more synergistic security and networking solutions.”

The acquisition is expected to close on December 31.

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