Blu-Ray players subsidized by Sony

Buy a PS3 and you already have one

Toshiba signed a deal last week with Chinese hardware producers to embed the HD DVD technology in various devices that will be launched on the market next year. Toshiba's move will probably not outrun Blu-Ray's popularity because Sony will embed in every PlayStation 3 gaming console the capability to read these discs.

It is estimated that Sony PlayStation 3 will be launched on the market with a price between US$300 and US$400, sales for 2006 reaching up to 20 million units. So we can say that Sony will launch a subsidized Blu-Ray Player.

Big studios like Warner and Paramount joined Sony and when over 20 million of the so called Blu-Ray players will be on the market, companies will have to launch products for this kind of media.

Also, Sony owns the Columbia TriStar studios and the

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