Bloody Pillow and Blanket Found in Crib of Toddler Who Died from Head Trauma

The Irish nanny of the child has been arrested for assault

Police have encountered new evidence in the case of toddler Rehma Sabir, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who died in the hospital on January 16.

Two days earlier, she had been admitted with serious head injuries, which officials believe were provoked by her nanny, Aisling McCarthy Brady.

A pillow, a blanket and some baby wipes with the toddler's blood on them were encountered in the family's apartment on Ash Street.

The wipes had been “discarded in a ‘Diaper Genie’ next to the changing table.” The blanket and the baby's pillow were found in her crib, with “red-brown” blood on them.

An illegal immigrant from Ireland, 34-year-old Brady has been detained and arrested for assault. Autopsy results are expected to come in, in order for murder charges to be filed, the Boston Herald informs.

An ambulance was called in to the home on Rehma's first birthday. She had suffered severe brain trauma.

Examiner writes that the little girl had also incurred several fractures. Some of them were two weeks old, while others date back to two months ago.

When investigators arrived at the apartment, they noticed that “a piece of drywall/plaster [was] missing,” and they found pieces of it on the floor. They concluded that “ it had been damaged by forceful contact with the corner of the changing table.”

Brady is currently jailed on $500,000 (€374,000) bail at MCI-Framingham, while the inquiry is ongoing.

“The family of this child is going through unimaginable pain and suffering and their well being remains a priority for us,” the Middlesex district attorney's office expressed in a statement.

“Very few can fully understand the sorrow and pain that they are enduring, and we all need to allow them the appropriate time and support they require to cope with this tragedy,” the document reads.

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