Blondes Go Dark to Be Taken Seriously, Poll Reveals

Light hair no longer seems to work at the office

Man has always been fascinated with the age-old question of whether blondes really do have more fun than brunettes. Sadly, given the economic downturn, an answer to that is no longer needed, since more and more women with blonde hair choose to darken their locks to be taken seriously at the workplace and, at the same time, to pass as more intelligent and boost their self-esteem, a new poll comes to show.

Given the widespread misconception that blondes are not as serious (or smart, for that matter) at the workplace as their dark-haired counterparts, more and more women have turned brown or brunette to save face with their colleagues. In doing so, they have achieved better work results, gained the respect of more people and even got a promotion, just released figures from the poll clearly show.

“The current economic climate is obviously making women take more care with their appearance at work, even down to their hair color. The study shows brunettes do seem to be taken more seriously in the work place which is causing a rise in fair headed women darkening their locks. It’s incredible how changing your hair color can alter people’s perception of you as well as making you feel more confident too.” Dan Hadley of Superdrug, the company that has commissioned the study, says for the Daily Mail.

The figures speak for themselves: in a working environment where all companies are cutting down jobs to survive the recession, blondes are not welcome anymore. Thus, of the 2,500 ladies surveyed, all of whom had changed hair color in recent months, 31 percent went from blonde to brunette to “appear more intelligent” in front of their colleagues. Of course, the change makes a lot of sense if one thinks that 62 percent of people believe that brunettes look far more professional than blondes, as the company conducting the poll also stresses.

Returning to women who have changed hair color to make it in the office jungle, 38 percent are of the firm opinion that being blonde held them back in the past (professionally speaking), with the same percentage sharing they were finally taken serious by a superior only after ditching the Marilyn Monroe-like locks. A quarter of all of them even got promoted after going darker, the same poll reveals.

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