Blizzard to Hit New England This Coming Weekend

The snowstorm will reach its full potential on Friday night, meteorologists warn

The news just broke that, this coming weekend, New England is to be hit by a powerful snowstorm.

For the time being, meteorologists warn that, according to their estimates, the regions that will be hit the hardest are Hartford and Providence to Boston, Worcester, Concord, Portsmouth and Portland.

Apparently, this historic blizzard, as many now refer to it, will reach its full potential late Friday night, meaning that several of the aforementioned areas should expect to witness their being covered by at least a couple of feet of snow (about 0.6 meters).

Meteorologists also warn that the blizzard will bring forth so-called whiteout conditions. In other words, that local visibility will be severely reduced as a result of the constant snow fall.

Furthermore, it seems that, in various areas, the strong winds herding this massive snowfall might be accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Despite the fact that, all things considered, the blizzard will begin to subside on Saturday morning, local authorities and ordinary folks fear that the snowstorm's effects will linger on for a while.

More precisely, it is to be expected that the people living in these areas will experience both blocked roads and similar other travel delays, Huffington Post informs us.

On the other hand, parts of Wisconsin, Michigan and New York states should also expect receiving a snow coverage of at least six inches (roughly 15 centimeters) on Thursday.

According to AccuWeather, this major blizzard is the direct result of a merger between two different storms: one moving in from the Great Lakes and one moving up the United States East Coast.

“Two storms will merge quickly enough to bring colder air, heavy snow and increasing wind to New England. Some areas will be hit with an all-out blizzard and a couple of feet of snow,” meteorologists explain.

The first of these storms is to produce rain and snow, whereas the latter is to produce rain and thunders. This basically means that, as specialist Paul Walker puts it, “New England should prepare for big snow.”

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